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Building Process

Charles Fox Homes will help you every step of the way in building your custom home!

1. Make an appointment by contacting Charles Fox Homes at 910-579-0908, or by email

2. First we will work out property details by either assisting you in purchasing the perfect property for your new home or by discussing the details on a property you already own.

3. Next we will work on the design of your new home with either a floor plan you bring in or a custom Charles Fox Homes design.

4. Once you have finalized a floor plan, Charles Fox Homes will price out your home to your specifications.

5. After we have agreed upon a price you are comfortable with, Charles Fox Homes will generate a specification sheet as well as begin to process all appropriate permit requirements following contract signings.

6. Finally after all permits are authorized Charles Fox Homes will begin construction right away and continue for the 5-6 months of the building process.

During the building process we encourage you to meet with our trusted local vendors for your home specifications. Charles Fox Homes will update your new home's progress weekly with information and pictures which can easily be accessed by you at

For a list of our recommended vendors, please click here

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